A significant low spot in the yard was causing this customer headaches. It was constantly accumulating water and was a swampy mess that was not allowing the space to be utilized. After bringing in dirt, the spot was leveled out and made so the water would drain away from this location and into a drainage ditch.

First, fill dirt containing rocks was brought in to use on the bottom section of the fill. The rocks and dirt combination provide a solid foundation for the top layer of dirt to be placed on. Once the dirt was brought up within a few inches of the final grade, topsoil was brought in to dress the area. Topsoil provides a rich layer so that grass can be grown in the area.

When all said and done, the customer elected to seed and cover the area with hay themselves to help offset some of the costs on the project. The seed and hay are essential when finishing a grading project so that any rainfall does not erode the newly graded dirt.