A good foundation to any property starts with propper grading

Why is grading so important?

The purpose of grading is to either level out dirt or slope it. When starting any construction project it is important to consider the grading of the ground. If you are a homeowner this may also affect you in terms of where water is pooling in your property. If your property is not properly graded it may cause pooling, or even worse, damage to your home and other structures. Grading can ensure that water is flowing in the direction you want it to.

How we move dirt

Grading is done by moving dirt by taking it from a low point to a high point or vice versa. We do this by excavating, transporting, and compacting the dirt. Sometimes we can use the dirt that is already present on your property and sometimes we need to bring in extra. Either way, we constantly calculate the grade throughout the whole process to guarantee you will get the results you want.




Minor grading and/or excavation with no seed or sod, and no dirt brought in or removed




1/4 acre grading, dirt transported in or out, seeding and hay on top of grading, and small ponds


Larger quantities of dirt or rock transportation, digging through heavy rock, and lot grading


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